Travel Advisories


You will find elevators, wheelchairs and friendly, well-trained staff who will take the stress out of travelling through the airport.

Need special assistance? You can pre-arrange assistance for your next trip by contacting your airline beforehand. You will also find a passenger assistance phone located in the ground floor lobby of the Passenger Transfer Facility at the foot of Eireann Quay.

If you’re planning to fly in or out of Billy Bishop Airport it’s important to let your air carrier and/or travel agent know that you require special assistance when you make your flight reservation. Your air carrier can provide information on the use of wheelchairs, a passenger escort service, transportation within the airport, and support in checking in, boarding, and arriving at your destination.

Please note that if you have not pre-arranged assistance in advance you may experience a delay in service.

Parking, Pick Up and Drop Off

Passengers requiring special assistance may be dropped off either in front of the Passenger Transfer Facility or Airport Terminal.

All of our parking lots are fully accessible with designated parking spots marked by the Universal Access Symbol. To use one of these spots simply display your valid Accessible Parking Permit on your vehicle.

Looking for more information on accessible travel? Visit the links below for more information about travel and accessibility.

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