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It doesn't get any more convenient for me than flying out of Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. As someone who lives in the city, it's nice to know Billy Bishop is nearby - Amerita Siva
I never have to worry about how I am getting to the airport. You can walk, take the free shuttle or eveng bike, like I do. It's just the easists most efficient and sustainabel way in my opinion to get to and from the airport - Ryan Sullivan

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is loved by travellers because it offers a unique travel experience that is based on convenience, accessibility, friendly service, and incredible views. Passengers often share their stories and experiences about the advantages of flying in and out of Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport to our staff in-person or online on social media. It was these stories that inspired the It’s My Airport campaign.

We reached out to passengers who had posted about the airport on social media to star in our campaign and used their actual stories and posts. This campaign also features the stories and experiences of Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport staff and airport partners.

The people staring in this campaign were not scripted so the campaign spotlights their authentic, genuine experiences at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, whether as a passenger or an employee.

Themes which emerged from candid interviews with the passengers, staff, and partners included the airport’s proximity to downtown, the ability to walk or bike to the airport, friendly customer service, the airport’s sustainability practices and the breath-taking views. It is these themes, and many more, that you will see, hear and read through elements of this exciting campaign.

Enjoy the stories featured here and please send us the reasons why you love Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport by submitting your story using the form or by emailing

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