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Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport’s pedestrian tunnel connects Toronto’s mainland to the island terminal, providing travellers with a fast, reliable and convenient way to access the airport. It takes less than six minutes from curb to check-in, making it a popular choice among passengers.

Whether you are arriving or departing, the pedestrian tunnel connects you to the heart of downtown Toronto.

Accessing the Tunnel

Arriving from the mainland, you will find the entrance to the tunnel inside the mainland pavilion. Six elevators are available to take you down the 100 feet to the tunnel level, which features four moving walkways for your added convenience.

At the south end of the tunnel, you can choose to ascend to the island atrium and airport check-in area using one of the longest escalator systems in Canada, one of two elevators or a staircase of 153 steps to get to the top.


The 853-ft pedestrian tunnel runs across the Western Channel of Lake Ontario, and was constructed within the bedrock 100 feet beneath the surface of the lake. The tunnel is 100 per cent Bullfrogpowered. Everything from the digital screens, to the moving sidewalks and escalators are powered by renewable wind, solar and low-impact hydroelectricity through our partnership with Bullfrog Power.

The tunnel’s unique design and construction won it the International Tunneling & Underground Space Association’s 2014 Specialist Tunneling Project of the Year Award and the Tunneling Association of Canada’s 2014 Canadian Project of the Year Award.