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Pass Control Office

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport’s Pass Control Office issues Restricted Area Identification Cards (RAICs), Airside Vehicle Operator’s Permits (AVOPs) and Airside Vehicle Identification Permits (AVIPs).

Hours of Operation

The Pass Control Office is located on the 2nd floor of the Porter Administration Building at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.

The Pass Control Office is open Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 16:00 local time. The office is closed every Thursday from 11:00am to 11:30am, on weekends and statutory holidays. RAIC and/or temporary RAIC can be returned to the office without an appointment during office hours.

Effective March 28th, 2024, Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport will begin using the Transport Canada, Transportation Security Services (TSS) platform for Transportation Security Clearance (TSC) applications. This means all applicants (first time and renewals), will be required to apply through the TSS platform. In order to ensure only those required to possess a TSC are applying, companies are now responsible for onboarding their employees. In order to apply or renew a TSC, you must first be invited to the platform by your employer. Please speak to your manager or signing authority about being invited to the platform. DocuSign applications started before March 28th will still be accepted after the launch and do not need to reapply using the TSS platform.
Please note that the RAIC and Access Pass applications as well as AVOP and AVIP applications will not be part of this new process and must be printed and signed manually.
Click here to download the TSS User Guide for applicants.

Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Applicant.


To ensure that appointments are available without excessive wait times for all Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport tenants and stakeholders the following fees will apply.

Fees must be paid by the pass holder/applicant before a pass will be issued. Payments can be made via credit card (visa or mastercard only) or debit card.

Failure to show up for an appointment

$100 + HST
Unprepared for an appointment $100 + HST
Less than 1 business day notice to cancel an appointment $100 + HST
Lost or stolen RAIC, AVOP  or AVIP
  • 1st time
  • 2nd time
  • 3rd time
*If a lost item is found and returned to the Pass Office a $50 refund will be made

$100 + HST
$200 + HST
$300 + HST
Failure to return a RAIC, AVOP OR AVIP $300 + HST
Priority Appointment (if available) $50 + HST
AVOP written or practical test – 3rd attempt (if approved) $50 + HST
Name Change (excluding corrections) $50 + HST

Restricted Area Identification Cards (RAIC) & Access Cards

Restricted Area Identification Cards (RAIC) are required for access to secure areas of the airport and can only be obtained by applying for a Transport Canada Security Clearance. Access cards may be issued for other areas if the applicant does not hold a RAIC. 

To ask questions about the process at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport please email

Application Procedure:

Transport Canada required that Out of Country documentation be submitted at the time of application. Please review the requirements and bring any documents to your appointment.

Click here for travel and out of country documentation requirements.

Please note that a failure to complete the application according to the instructions may result in a termination of your appointment leading to further delays

Please note that a completed application form is required for every RAIC or Access Pass issued.

All of the points above must be completed prior to attending your scheduled appointment. 

Airside Vehicle Operators Permit (AVOP)

Airside Vehicle Operator Permits can be obtained through the Pass Office at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport during regular office hours. Any person driving a vehicle in airside areas must be in possession of an AVOP.

Applicants must be in possession of a full G or G2 licence and hold a valid RAIC or other approved Document of Entitlement before applying for an AVOP. To qualify for an AVOP an applicant must successfully complete both a written test and a practical test.

Applicants are responsible for arranging to have an appropriate AVIP registered vehicle for the practical test.

Appointments for written tests should be made using the Schedule Appointment button at the top of this page.

Appointments for practical tests may be scheduled by contacting the Pass Office at or 416.203.6942 ext. 19

Application and study material

Airside Vehicle Identification Permit (AVIP)

All vehicles operating on airside areas must have an Airside Vehicle Identification Permit. AVIPs can be obtained through the Pass Office during regular office hours.

Vehicles must be properly equipped with a beacon and/or radio and will be subject to an inspection process to ensure operational requirements are met before a permit is issued.

Inspection appointments may be scheduled by contacting the Pass Office at or 416 203 6942 x 19


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