Travel Advisories

The ferry ride to and from Billy Bishop Airport is one of the shortest in the world at just 121 metres. The 90-second trip will have you where you need to be in no time and if you’re standing on the pedestrian deck you can enjoy a unique view of downtown Toronto. The ferry departs from the foot of Bathurst Street (view map).

The ferry is free for pedestrians and $14 for vehicles (return trip).

There’s a ferry approximately every 15 minutes. From April 1 and until further notice, the ferry will be operating on a reduced schedule. During this time, the first ferry to the airport will leave the ferry terminal at 5:30 a.m. ET and the last ferry from the airport to the mainland will depart at about 11:07 p.m. ET.

From Mainland From Airport
05:15 a.m. 05:22 a.m.
05:30 a.m. 05:37 a.m.
05:45 a.m. 05:52 a.m.
06:00 a.m. 06:07 a.m.
06:15 a.m. 06:22 a.m.
... every 15 minutes...
11:00 p.m. 11:07 p.m.
11:15 p.m. 11:22 p.m.
11:30 p.m. 11:37 p.m.
11:45 p.m. 11:52 p.m.
12:00 a.m. 12:07 a.m.

*This is a guide only. Please note that these times are subject to change and may vary depending on weather conditions and ferry capacity. Please give yourself extra time.