Travel Advisories

Curbside Pick-Up & Drop-Off

When you drop off passengers at Billy Bishop Airport, you’re permitted to stop momentarily along the curb outside the mainland pavilion and ferry terminal. There are also complimentary spots available inside the turning circle that are limited to a maximum 5-minute wait time for vehicles ready to pick-up an arriving passenger or drop-off passengers about to embark upon their journey. Once you have received confirmation a passenger is coming through the tunnel you may use one of these spaces. If you are early or your passenger is delayed there is parking available for you to wait until your party has arrived.

No Parking Areas

For safety and security reasons, the curbside area outside the airport terminal, mainland pavilion and ferry terminal is a designated “No Parking” area. We kindly ask that you do not park or leave your vehicle unattended in these areas.

Using the Ferry

Please note that if you are travelling in a car, you will have to pay the ferry fee and any applicable parking fees should you decide to take your car across on the ferry.

Travel Assistance

If you are travelling with a minor or someone who requires special assistance, you are welcome to escort them to the Island Terminal entrance. Taxis, limousines and private vehicles have free access to the ferry for the purpose of dropping-off and picking-up passengers who require special assistance and they may stop along the curb in front of the Island Terminal. An intercom is available to passengers requesting assistance from an agent and seating is available inside the terminal where passengers may wait.

The curb area in front of the Terminal is strictly for immediate loading and off-loading of passengers. Any vehicle wishing to remain on the island after dropping off a passenger will be required to pay for parking. Similarly any vehicle that has arrived before a passenger is ready for pick-up will be required to park. Please display your accessible parking permit on the dashboard or produce a copy of your itinerary to show that you have requested passenger assistance.


Learn more about Billy Bishop Airport’s parking options here.

You may also take the complimentary shuttle bus or public transit to and from the airport.

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