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Airfield Rehabilitation Work to Commence at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport on June 5


Toronto (May 30, 2023) – Please be advised that work will commence at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport on Monday, June 5 in order to complete necessary pavement repairs at various facilities airside on the airfield.

Some elements of this project work will take place during night-time hours when the airport is closed to commercial aircraft operations to minimize the interface of construction on airfield operations. This project is a summer construction project to be completed in approximately 12 weeks between June and August 2023.

There are five main areas of work as part of this project, details below:

  1. The Combined Services Building and Control Tower repaving parking area. Approximately 15 days of work beginning June 5.
  2. South service road leading to the park gate, repave and widening. Approximately 10 days of work, beginning mid-June.
  3. Taxiway Alpha crack repairs. Three nights of work, beginning late June.
  4. Taxiway Delta crack repairs. Eight nights of work, beginning late June.
  5. GRE crack sealing and spalling repairs. Approximately five days of daytime work, beginning early July.

PortsToronto will implement measures to minimize the impact of construction activities on the community including limitations on construction vehicle access and construction-related noise and lighting. Similarly, the contractor will implement procedures that will minimize the need for reversing construction equipment and therefore noise from back-up alarms. In addition, lighting for night-time operations will be directed downwards and away from neighbourhoods.

There will be some use of the airport ferry during night-time hours (typically between 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.) as barging operations are not available. However, all efforts will be made to coordinate any night-time ferry runs in order to minimize noise from the vessel’s operation.

On behalf of everyone at PortsToronto, Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport and our construction team, we would like to thank the community and airport stakeholders for their patience over the next months. We will continue to employ all means and measures possible to mitigate the effect of our operations and that includes construction on the airfield.